Adhyan Tamil Movie LIVE Audience Review

Adhyan is a Tamil action film released in theaters on 30 Oct 2015. The film stars Abhimanyu Nallamuthu & Sakshi Agarwal in the lead role. Find out through our first day first show review what the film holds for the viewers on big screen.

Adhyan Tamil Movie

Adhyan is directed by Ram Manoj Kumar and produced by T.RanjithKumar. Though it is a romantic story but the film makers promises it not to be an usual romantic one. Lets see if the film makers delivered what they promised.

Adhyan had been released in 100+ theatres in all over Tamil Nadu amidst good response from the fans and the viewers. The story’s protagonist ‘Abhimanyu’ is a Japan based NRI and looking for a Tamil Nadu girl for marriage.

As we expect these days long distance relationships starts through social networking profiles and in this case Abhimanyu befriends Sakshi through Facebook. After knowing the girl Abhimanyu decided to meet the girl. He plans to visit Chennai.

Adhyan Review, Rating & Story

Meanwhile another story is progressing along with this love story in which a taxi driver, a police officer and a gangster is involved. What will happen when all these people cross each other’s path? A lot of action is waiting for the viewers in the later part.

Abhimanyu Nallamuthu & Sakshi Agarwal have delivered an average performance as a couple. We are expecting the duo to deliver excellent performance as lovers. Vijay TV “ATHU ITHU EDHU” Fame Jayachandhran is playing important role in the movie and its worth mentioning his name for a fabulous job.

The film is known to be Ram Manoj Kumar’s directorial debut. He deserves applaud for the effort he put in in his debut movie. But he failed to take out best performances from the lead actors.

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