Apoorva 2016 Kannada Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

The new age love story “Apoorva” is bagging much attention from Kannada movie buffs because of its unique and modern concept. Despite receiving negative reviews from critics, viewers are enjoying this romantic drama of a 61-year-old man and 19-year-old girl.

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Apoorva 2016 Kannada Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

Apoorva 2016 Kannada Movie

This is the story of a 61 years old lad and 19 years old lass who are stuck in a lift. Yes, you got it right. Like any other Indian movie, they fall in love despite the terror situation because of which they are stuck.

They are in a mall and because of a terror attack they are hiding inside the lift. Sudeep and P Ravi Shanker are seen for a short while in the film. The story is new. There has been use of English in this Kannada film. The movie is being considered somewhat experimental.

It’s a musical entertainer directed and written by ‘Crazy Star’ Ravichandran. He himself is playing the lead role with Apoorva. The real life couple Vijay Raghavendra and his wife Spandana are seen as Ravichandran’s son and daughter-in-law.

Kiccha Sudeep, Ravishankar P and Pavithra Lokesh can be seen in a guest appearance. The viewers have posted very encouraging reviews for the film and considering it a masterpiece in Ravichandran’s career.

Debutant Apoorva has delivered good performance and creates magic in some of the scenes. The viewers are looking forward to see more of her in future releases.

If you are looking for something other than usual rom-coms then Apoorva is a must watch watch for. With lot of colours in each frame, boundless emotions, good music and background score, Apoorva is a trend setting film in Indian cinema.

Don’t let the reviews decide your choice. Watch ‘Apoorva’ either on big screens or buy its original DVD or BluRay print and experience the masterpiece created by Ravichandran. Buy its DVDRip from official source only once available.