Bathinda Express 2016 Punjabi Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

Bathinda Express is a 2016 Punjabi sports drama film released 08th April in theatres. The film written and directed by Deep Joshi is about the life of a young sports star. Find Bathinda Express Punjabi DVDRip in HD, Mp4 or 3Gp and choose between sports, friendship or love.

Bathinda Express 2016 Punjabi Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

Bathinda Express Movie

TITLE: Bathinda Express

CAST: Jasmine Kaur, Deep Joshi, Vijay S. Kumar and Mohit Bhaskar 

GENRE: Sports, Drama

RELEASE DATE: 08 April, 2016


FORMAT: HD, Mp4, 3Gp


Its story revolves around a young guy “Inder”, a flamboyant, vivacious, & passionate youth of Punjab, an ambitious runner, a go-getter, a trend-setter for everyone that knows him. He is known for his passionate attitude. The film gets its title ‘Bathinda Express’ with the nature of its main character. Just like the fast & furiously “BATHINDA EXPRESS”, Inder too is fast & focused in every aspect of his life. But suddenly changes brings massive downfall to his entire life. What makes him lose his friends, his lover and most importantly his passion & willpower in short, himself? What happens next forms the crux of the story. 

The actor Deep Joshi is playing the lead role for the very first time and he has performed brilliantly. With his nature acting he is winning many hearts.

Its a treat to watch such a fine actor on big screen. Everyone including critics is applauding him for his character.

Deep Joshi has not only acted well but also gave good direction to the script. With little flaws its a good film to watch. The Punjabi film industry is flourishing these days with the release of some really great movies.

All its tracks are good and perfectly supports the theme. The film also has a positive message embed in it. The viewers surely gonna enjoy this flick.

Bathinda Express is a story of celebration, friendship, first love, loyalty, fun-filled college days, laughter, fights, roadside food and what not! Explore the story of Inder and his friends in theatres near you.

You can also buy its original DVD or BluRay print once available from the official source only.