Beep Song Mp3 By Simbu & Anirudh (Enna p*******Ku love Panrom)

The latest MP3 song “BEEP SONG” by Simbu & Anirudh has created buzz in the music industry. The track went viral soon after it leaked on social media and is an instant hit. The users first find the song on SoundCloud but now its HD and rough version are doing rounds online.

Beep Song Mp3 By Simbu & Anirudh

The ‘Beep Song’ sung by Silambarasan and composed by Anirudh Ravichander is now the most hot topic on social media for all the good as well as for bad reasons. There are two types of people, one is supporting the track by saying that there is no wrong in using cuss words while others are protesting for defaming women’s image.

The song was leaked online and not officially released. If we believe the sources online then the song was indeed composed by Anirudh and sung by Simbu. And it was not meant for public release.

It starts with Enna p*******Ku love Panrom lines and said to be composed by young and very talented composer “Anirudh Ravichander”. Simbu and Anirudh is booked by Women’s Organization in Kovai for insulting women.

The latest track is found circulating on chatting platform ‘Whatsapp’ and soon it captured other social media platform. Though the song created many controversies for its cuss words and draws huge criticism.

If you have not yet listen the track then find it in various quality available on many websites. Many group of people especially women are protesting against the track for damaging the women feelings. It is quite evident that not everyone is liking the track.

‘Why this Kolaveri Di” fame singer Anirudh can be seen clearing his stand for the song. He said that Beep Song is neither his composition and nor his lyrics. He didn’t sing it either. Find the tweet by him below: