Chokri Vinanu Gam 2016 Gujarati Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

Download Chokri Vinanu Gam Full Movie – Another comedy Gujarati film “Chokri Vinanu Gam” has hit the theaters. After a long time, Gujarati cinema is coming up a strong message film. The film is directed by Rajesh Bhatt. You can download Chokri Vinanu Gam aka Chhokari Vinanu Gaam full movie in HD, Mp4 & 3Gp format.


Chokri Vinanu Gam 2016 Gujarati Movie

GENRE: Comedy, Drama
QUALITY: HD, Mp4 & 3Gp
LANGUAGE: Gujarati

Chokri Vinanu Gam is a story of a village where there are no women. Chokri Vinanu Gam highlights the harsh reality of killing of daughters in mother’s womb in a very comic manner.

Chokri Vinanu Gam is a effectual presentation of our patriarchal society where male child are given preference over the female child.

Its is a story of village which has been cursed by a woman that it would remain without woman. Soon the village turns into a remote and deserted one, without any women.

The fun filled situation when two girls Basant and Bahar visits the village. All the boys are happy to see the girls and wants to woo the girls.

Every young boy wants to marry Bahar. Raj too is one of them. Do they marry each other? If yes, do they give birth to a baby girl? Are the villagers happy to see women?

Enjoy this promising Gujarati flick in theater near you or buy its original DVD or download Bluray print from official source only once available.