Club Dancer 2016 Hindi Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

ClubDancer is a 2016 Hindi language musical, action, thriller film directed by B. Prasad and produced by Shubir Mukerji. The film released on 08th April on Indian screens. Find Club Dancer DVDRip in HD, MP4 or 3GP.

Club Dancer 2016 Hindi Full Movie

Club Dancer 2016 Hindi Full MovieĀ 

Cast: Rajbeer Singh, Nisha Mavani, Judi Shekoni, Ajaz Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Zarina, Wahab, Aryan Vaid, Rajakumar, Karishma Bhandari & Shanon Benjamin among others

Its story revolves around Ria (played by Nisha Mavani) who is a young vivacious night club dancer in Mumbai. She has hidden her professional details from her parents (Shakti Kapoor and Zarina Wahab) and told them an unreal story.

But soon circumstances changes and she comes in a fix when her parents promises to visit her citing her father’s bad health. Ria finds herself in a logjam and in order to veil the deception she needs a husband to suffice her ailing father.

Various twists and turns unveils when she tries to get everything right in the front of her parents. You need to watch the flick to unveil its interesting climax. The film makers promises a gripping, action-packed climax that shall engage the attention of the viewers till the very end.

Its lead actress Nisha Mavani is a UK model and actress. Nisha Mavani is looking gorgeous in the flick and left no opportunity to exhibit her assets. She has played her part very well. I am sure she has also succedded in racing viewers heart with her sizzling performance

Its lead actor Rajbeer Singh is a television famous star and is making his Bollywood debut with Club Dancer. The actor is looking great in his muscular physique.

Obviously critics are advising to avoid the film but viewers who like this genre flick can give it a watch. There is only one reason to watch the movie and that is Nisha Mavani. It seems like the film makers have made this film to exhibit her assets.

Watch the film in theatre near you or buy its original DVD or BluRay print once available from the official source only.