Jai Maruthi 800 Kannada Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

Jai Maruthi 800 is a 2016 Kannada action comedy that is set in two distinct time periods. The film written and directed by Harsha A is getting very good reviews and rsponse from viewers. Find Jai Maruthi 800 DVDRip in HD, Mp4 or 3Gp.

Jai Maruthi 800 Kannada Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

Jai Maruthi 800 Movie

TITLE: Jai Maruthi 800 (2016)

CAST: Sharan, Shruthi Hariharan and Shubha Punja among others

GENRE: Action, Comedy

RELEASE DATE: 08 April, 2016


FORMAT: HD, Mp4, 3Gp


Jai Maruthi 800 film is typically for Sharan fans. It has every bit of comedy, high drama and fun. Its story begins with an incident that occurs in the 16th century, which reaches its logical conclusion in the present day. The film’s core theme is entertainment and more entertainment. You will not see a dull moment in its whole runtime.

Its story revolves around a character named “Jeevan” (played by Sharan). To fulfil the wish of his friend who died in an accident, Jeevan visits a remote village to meet his family. But everything is not that easy. For centuries there is a blood fued between two villages and Jeevan has to unite them to achieve his goal. With comic situation to romance to some action, the flick has everything to make the viewers stick to their seats. And this is the reason despite some non-Kannada big releases Jai Maruthi 800‬ opened to fantabulous response at the box-office, successfully pulling crowd in theatres. 

Sharan has done a commendable job. The actress Shruti is also good. Shubha Poonja as a giggling village belle is also good. But the most impressive actor in the film is Arun Sagar especially in the role of a woman.

The film has a very big star cast including 10 comedians to give a perfect laugh riot to the viewers and the flick has successfully found its place in viewers heart. The viewers who like to enjoy a fun and entertaining flick then this release is for them.

For the very first time director Harsha A directed a comedy genre film and with this release he proved his versatility. The viewers are in for an interesting and surprising climax.

Watch Jai Maruthi 800 in theatres near you or buy its original DVD or BluRay print when available from official source only.