Kalpana 2 Kannada Full Movie Download DVDRip in HD Mp4 or 3GP

The recently released “Kalpana 2” which is a horror comedy has garnered good response from viewers in theatres. The film is in great demand among the fans of Uppi and this is the reason why more and more users are searching for Kalpana 2 DVDRip in HD, MP4 or 3GP high speeding downloading platform.

Kalpana 2 Movie

Kalpana 2 Kannada Movie

GENRE: Comedy, Horror
QUALITY: HD, Mp4 & 3Gp


Kalpana 2 is a Kannada horror comedy movie of 2016 directed by R Anantha Raju & produced by Dr. Rajendra. After the success story of 2012 horror comedy film Kalpana, Upendra is back with its sequel in which he is seen romancing Avantika Shetty.

The film is a remake of Tamil film Kanchana 2 and is a second installment of Kalpana (2012). Upendra, Priyamani & Avantika Shetty has played lead roles in the film. The movie is going to hit the theatres on July 15, 2016.

Upendra plays the role of Raghav & Avantika Shetty plays the role of Nandini as Uppi’s love interest in the film.

The story of the movie revolves around Raghav who has fears watching horror movies and refuses to go to the washroom by himself as he has Lygophobia. He has a great fear from darkness so he fears to go anywhere at night.

Raghav loves Nandini who is a creative director in the TV channel. Raghav is a cinematographer on a TV show and wants to shoot a fake haunted house, in order to increase TRP rating. To their misfortune they are haunted by five ghosts.

The sound track of the film is composed so beautifully by Arjun Janya and the story of the movie is written by Raghava Lawreynce. The audio of the film is released on June 9, 2016. The film is produced by Dr. Rajendra along with Shilpa Srinivas under the banner of Rajendra movies. The director who wrote the script enacted a dual role which was well received by Tamil audience.

Upendra’s introductory song in the movie is a patriotic number about Kannada & Karnataka. The first half of the movie is full of comedy but its second half is not as good as its first due to which it got an average rating of 3 out of 5.

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