Malgudi Days Malayalam Film Audience Review, Ratings & Public Talk Update

Malgudi Days is a 2016 Malayalam movie Directed & Written by Visakh, Vivek & Vinod. The film released this week in theatres is full of suspense and thrill. Read on to find out Malgudi Days film audience review, ratings and public talk update.

Malgudi Days Malayalam Film Audience Review, Ratings & Public Talk Update


Starring: Anoop Menon, Bhama, Priyanka Nair, Saiju Kurup, Irshad, T P Madhavan, Nobi, Sathyadev, Sravan, Abhi Madhav, Binoy, Janaki, Vishal and Alji Francis among others.

Malgudi Days is the directorial debut of 3 brothers – Visakh, Vivek & Vinod. They have successfully delivered a entertaining movie to the viewers and fans of Malayalam films. The film is an emotional thriller with lot of good moments to appreciate about.

It has received positive reviews from critics and good response from viewers in theatres. Its story is inspired from a real life incident that is set in the backdrop of a residential school (Malgudi NPS).

The story revolves around two innocent lives who are hiding secret behind their sweet smile. Anoop Menon is playing the role of a stranger ‘Zephan’ with a murky past. Milan and Atheena are fourth graders. What happens when they have to cross paths with Zephan who has a disturbing past.

The bond of innocence and love developes between the trio. Where will this newly developed will take them? And the mystery surrounding Zephan forms the crux of the story.

The child artists Vishal and Janaki have played their part very well. Its worth mentioning the name of Anoop Menon for one of the best performance in his career. There is a lot of appreciation and applaud for the directors for an attempt to deliver an amazing film. The audiences are hoping to see some more masterpieces from the team in 2016.

There is no point of time when viewers feel low in the theatres. It gives a nice roller coaster ride to the audience full of emotions, love and bond. If you are really looking to see an engaging flick then Malgudi Days is for you.

Malgudi Days has all the elements of suspense, thrill, drama and mystery that keeps the viewers engaging. There is no loose end in the film through out 2 hrs 05 mins run time. We are recommending you to must go for this film in theatres near you.