Meher Malik Latest HD Hot Wallpapers, Bikini Images, Bold Pics

Since the age of 14 years the founder & maestro of belly dancing, Meher Malik has been nurturing her passion for the dance who is now synced into her life & career. Meher Malik is a dancer and the foremost exponent of belly dancing in India. She scorched the small screen with her moves in a dance reality show. She has spent more than 17 years in learning, mastering & teaching this dance form. She got born on October 27, 1988.

She is a professional belly dancer who has trained in the art of Paris, London & Egypt. She has lived in the middle East from last 7 years and has grown up watching Belly Dance.

She performs the Egyptian belly dance with grace, passion and hint of bollywood. She received huge recognition after her performances in India’s Got Talent. She is the founder of Banjara School of Dance.

She said that Belly Dance is said to be the sister of Muzra. Belly Dancing was an art form passed on from a mother to the daughter. It’s a spiritual dance form and has nothing to do with enticing men. When western influences began to appear, they got all excited & called it exotic.

She has done so many performances. 4 solo performance of 5 minutes each & 6 group performances of 5 minutes each. Her current projects include Banjara’s first professional production, a dance reality show & multi city dance workshops in India and China.  She is Rebellious, passionate & optimistic

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Meher Malik Belly Dancer  Latest HD Hot Wallpapers, Bikini Images, Bold Pics

Meher Malik Latest HD Bikini Images

Meher Malik Latest HD Bold Pics

Meher Malik Latest HD Hot Wallpapers