Paisa Paisa Marathi Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

The recently released Marathi thriller drama “Paisa Paisa” has garnered good reviews from viewers and critics. The film is currently running on big screens with good number of viewers. Watch this awsum movie to know the root of all evil i.e money. Find Paisa Paisa Marathi movie in HD, MP4 or 3GP.

Paisa Paisa marathi movie

Directed by Joji Raechal Job,  the film features Sachit Patil, Spruha Joshi, Milind Shinde, Aashish Newalkar, Pushkar Shrotri, Deepali Sayyad in important role. The film with its unique and refreshing story puts love, relationships and friendship to the test.

Paisa Paisa is an official remake of the thriller Malayalam movie with the same title. The Marathi movie goers have witnesses such a concept for the first time on big screens. It has been remaked keeping in view the Marathi movie goers taste and interest.

The story unfolds the events happening in the life of a Mumbai based filmmaker (Sachit Patil). He is going to make peace with his wife (Spruha Joshi) after a long separation but situation changes when he receives a call informing the kidnapping of his best friend. The kidnapper asked for a mere Rs 10,000 ransom.

Who is this kidnapper? And why he asked for such low amount? The twist and turns follows while he arranges the money forms the crux of the story.

How money changes the life of a person it’s your best friend only who comes to your rescue when going through a bad phase in life are the two main themes of the film.

The director has done a great job in keeping the thrill and excitement intact throughout its runtime. The story unfolds between the two cities and two time zone and it has been crafted very well by the director.

Sachit Patil and Spruha Joshi rocked their look of a middle class couple. Great acting by Sachin Patil keeps the viewers glued to their seat. If you are looking for something other than usual rom-com then Paisa Paisa is for you.