Phuntroo 2016 Marathi Full Movie Download HDRip 300MB Mp4 3Gp

The most awaited Marathi sci-fi romantic movie “Phuntroo” is here in theatres. The year of 2016 not only started brilliant for Marathi film industry but also going very well with some brilliantly amazing movie like ‘Phuntroo’.

Find out why you should watch this flick. “Phuntroo,” directed by Sujay Dahake stars Ketaki Mategaonkar, Madan Devdhar, Shivraj Waichal, Shivani Rangole, Ruthuraj Shinde, Anshumanm Joshi and Rohit Nikam among others. Catch Phuntroo (Marathi) full movie in PreDVDRip in HD, MP4 or 3GP.

Phuntroo 2016 Marathi Full Movie


Phuntroo 2016 Marathi Full Movie

Phuntroo is the directorial of Sujay S. Dahake who is a National Award-winning filmmaker and he gonna present a unique and interesting concept with sci-fi genre ‘Phuntroo’.

The film features Ketaki Mategaonkar in the lead role. Ketaki Mategaonkar is a cute looking young girl. The promising young talent won many hearts in “Timepass” and “Kaksparsh”. She has added glamour factor to this sci-fi flick and will surely gonna create sensation with her cute looks and hatke performance.


Vira (Madan Deodhar) is a genius young engineering student. A prodigy at engineering, science and technology, Vira is a mad genius.

He falls in love with gorgeous looking Anaya (Ketaki Mategaonkar). Anaya is the college’s secretary and a gifted student who catches Vira’s eye but he has to face rejection. When nothing is left in his life he stumbles upon a breakthrough invention.

An Artificial Intelligence entity is the end result of his experiment that resembles Anaya completely, in physical form and voice.

Various twists and turns follows when tries to hide it from his friends. What will Vira do now and what will happen in the end? If he get his true Love back? forms the crux of the story. Watch it in theatres to unveil its interesting climax on big screens.

The promising young talent, interesting sci-fi plot and most importantly award winning director Sujay S. Dahake makes biggest sci-fi romantic movie of the year ‘Phuntroo’ a must watch.

The Marathi movies viewers and fans surely gonna enjoy this completely unique love story in the backdrop of sci-fi. The viewers gonna experience a new kind of flick this week on big screens.