Player Telugu Movie 2015 Public Review & Rating

This week the Telugu movie viewers and lovers have the option to watch a thriller drama on the big screen with Player. Player is the latest Telugu film to release today in theatres. As the title of the movie suggests, it is a complete thriller entertainer. Find full report on first day first show review, review and 1st day box-office collection report of Player Telugu movie 2015.


Directed by Gnana Saghar, Player stars Praveen Raj and Shahy in the lead role. Its plot revolves around the character played by Praveen Raj who is a brilliant student. But as usual brilliant students have to face many problems in their life and same is the case with him too. He needs cash to save his mother’s life. Here comes the real twist in the movie.

The world of gambling attracts many players. Some get success with their luck or mind while some are not so lucky. But though its the fastest way to make money our player too gets fascinated by this world. There is some group of students under the leadership of an unorthodox professor who applies math to win in gambling. Our protagonist too joins this group.

By using their math skills they win big amount in gambling. But wait the ending is not happy always. Soon they find that the stakes are higher than ever. What the game holds for them after this forms the crux of the story.

Player is a complete entertaining movie with lots of surprising elements. The performance by its young cast is upto the mark and justifies their role in the movie. We will not mention one name as its a joint effort by all the actors.

The film is the directorial debut of Gnana Saghar. He has put his best foot forward in the industry as director. The film is produced by Yamuna Kishore and Jagadeesh Klluri. Its music is composed by Rajesh Raghunath.

Player Box-office Collection Report:

The film is expected to do decent business over the box-office. As it opened with average occupancy report so we are expecting it to attract more viewers in the coming days.

It will face tough competition from Kalyan Ram’s “Sher”. The first day and weekend collection numbers will be made available to the readers soon after being released by the film makers. Till then stay tune for all the latest updates of the movie.