Priyanka (2016) Kannada Full Movie Download HD 1080p Mp4 3Gp

Priyanka is a 2016 Kannada language film starring Priyanka Upendra in the lead role. Its a suspense thriller and woman centric movie released on 5th Feb in theatres. Directed by Dinesh baboo, it garnered positive response from critics and viewers.



Priyanka (2016) Kannada Full Movie

Priyanks is a great comeback movie by actress Priyanka Upendra as touted by viewers. And everyone is expecting more woman centric movies in this year. The Director Dinesh Baboo has also marked his back with ‘Priyanka’.

Its story is based on a real life incident that happened Bangalore in 2014. “How the social media has been misused by a certain class of society” is also described in detail in the flick.

It features Tejus, Kancherla and Prakash Raj in supporting roles. The actor Prakash Raj is playing the investigative officer and Thejas is psychic.


A young man falls in love with a married woman whom he had befriended through Facebook. His love turns to a mad obsession and he kills the husband in cold blood. The police are left in the dark as there is no evidence. To their surprise, the young man surrenders and confesses the crime.

The case comes before court. The wife springs a surprise saying that the young man is not the killer of her husband.
The rest leads to an extraordinary climax! The film makers claim it to be a good family entertainer. To unveil the crime mystery thriller you can watch the flick in theaters near you.

Its a very well narrated story by the star director. The versatile acting by female lead Priyanka Upendra is one of the major positive point. The twists and turns in the story make the viewers engaged till its end.

Go and watch the flick in high quality and high resolution screen of theaters. Or buy its original DVD or BluRay print when available and that too from official source only. Say no to piracy and support the industry.