Ring Road Shubha Kannada Movie LIVE Audience Review


Ring Road Shubha is a Kannada movie released in theaters on Oct 22, 2015. It is a crime based thriller directed by Priya Belliappa. The film is said to be based on real life events which took place in Bangalore in 2003. The film has already generated buzz in Sandalwood industry because it is made by an all-woman crew. Find out through our exclusive first day first show review what the film makers has in store for its viewers to watch it on big screen this weekend.

Ring Road aka Ring Road Shubha Synopsis:

It features Duniya Vijay, Nikita Thukral, Khushie and Avinash in the pivotal role. The lead actor Duniya Vijay can be seen playing the role of an investigation officer. If we go through the pages of history then its plot is based on an infamous murder of a software engineer Girish, by his fiance Shubha only 4 days after their engagement. Shubha Shankar is an advocate and along with his lover Arun hired a local goon Venkatesh to kill Girish. They were pronounced guilty by the local court.

Ring Road aka Ring Road Shubha Review:

In the movie Ring Road aka Ring Road Shubha the director has tried to present the every single angle of the muder. There are more angles to a murder than what we thought. What police investigated, what newspapers published and what court decides, they all contain a different view point. The film tried to give each’s view and has also given liberty to the viewers to decide which angle they want to see.

Duniya Vijay and other casts have done their part well. Its worth mentioning the name of Khushie for her commendable job. It definitely deserves a watch for the thriller that binds the audience to their seat till the climax. Also for the effort made by an all woman crew. In this male dominated society they proved their worth. The flick is one of its own kind for various good reasons.

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