Than Than Gopal Review & Critics Rating

Than Than Gopal is the latest Marathi movie entertaining the Marathi film viewers and fans throughout the Maharashtra. Check out its first day first show public review of Than Than Gopan starring Karthik Shetty & Milind Gunaji exclusively at Movie-freak.

Than Than Gopal Review & Critics Rating

Find out what the public have to say about the latest Marathi movie Than Than Gopal directed by Kartik Shetty. The film stars Milind Gunaji, Vivek Chabukswar, Suzanne Burnert & Milind Gawli along with other actors. The film releases on 30th October 2015.

The director Kartik Shetty has tried to present the social perception through a comic way. The audiences are finding the film entertaining which is about a eleven-year-old visually challenged boy “Gopal”

Gopal is mischievous by nature and don’t leave any opportunity to trouble his uncle. He has a very positive approach towards life. His positive thinking about life will also make the viewers change their outlook towards life.

One day he befriends Vasant who is a struggling painter. The duo then makes effort to change society’s perceptions. Will they succeed in their effort? forms the crux of the story. The story then follows is the friendship between Gopal and Vasant.

Being a visually challenged boy but this does not change its attitude towards life and thats the highlight of the film. Vivek Chabukswar played the role of ‘Gopal’ and delivered a power-packed performance.


Everyone is praising the film including Bollywood celebrities. Check out the reviews by Bollywood biggies “Amitabh Bachchan” & “Akshay Kumar” about Than Than Gopal Marathi movie 2015.

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The film received positive response from the critics and audience. From the viewers response we can conclude that the film will a blockbuster hit in the Marathi film industry. The film is a mass entertainer with a social message embed in it. It is a must watch film.