The Shallows 2016 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

The Shallows (Hindi) full movie download – The Shallows is an 87 minutes American survival horror thriller film in which an injured surfer is fighting against a white shark. The film directed by Jaume Collet Sara ad, is available for download in HD, Mp4 & 3Gp format.


The film starts with a boy kicking a ball along the shore of the beach and he finds there a camera which he picks up. He found a video of a man in the camera who struggles to get out of water for saving his life from a white big shark.

The video is about a young surfer Nancy who walked to a beach in search of a secret spot that her mother had discovered year earlier. While coming out of the waves she got hunted by a great white shark. Alone ad injured, she tries to survive and get ashore in this thriller film.

The stars in the film are Blake Lively as Nancy Adams, Osacar Jaenada as Carlos, Brett Cullen as Nancy’s father, Sedona Leggeas Chloe Adams, Angelo Jose Lozano Corzo as Surfer 1, Jose Manuel Trujillo as surfer 2, Pablo Calva as Carlos son, Diego Espejel as Drunk man and Janelley Baille as Nancy’s mother.

The film has generally received positive reviews from the critics. The film got an approval rating of 77% based on 118 votes with an average rating of 6.4 out of 10.

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