Vascodigama Kannada Movie 2015 Public Review


A comedy drama is now running in theaters for Kannada movie viewers – Vascodigama. Directed by Madhu Chandra Vascodigama movie is based on Indian education system presented through comedy. Read Vascodigama Kannada Movie 2015 first day first show public review and critics rating exclusively at MovieFreak.

The latest Sandalwood film stars Kishore Kumar, Parvathy Nair and Ashwin Vijaykumar in the pivotal role. Its a full-fledged comedy movie which also has a message for its viewers. Lets find out if the film justifies its title “Vascodigama”.

Vascodigama Synopsis:

The plot revolves around a college named “Gnana Vikas College”. The protagonist Vasu aka Vascodigama (Kishore Kumar) is a lecturer in the college. His thought of education system and way of teaching is a lot different than what is followed in our education system. Vasu feels that education should not be forced upon the students. The students will learn better when they took learning willfully.

His views are obviously uncommon for the followers of Indian education system. Other than a serious issue being discussed in the film, it also has its romantic part too. A romantic plot between Vasu and Shanthi (Parvathy Nair) who is an English lecturer in the same college is also there. Vasu falls in love with Shanthi at first sight and makes effort to impress her.

Will Vasu be able to impress her? If his method of teaching help the students or college in any way? forms the crux of the story. To unveil its interesting climax you need to check in to your nearest theatre today.

 Review & Rating:

The powerful performance by its lead actors takes the film one step higher. Kishore Kumar is shinning in his role of a lecturer. The pair of Kishore Kumar and Parvathy Nair are looking cute on-screen. The director has tried his best effort to present a serious issue to the audience by the way of comedy.

Basically its story deals with the flaws in todays education system and how it can changed. There is an urgent need to change the system so to make teachers interact with students. The film is getting mixed reviews from the critics but it is liking by the audience maily students, teachers and parents.

Vascodigama Kannada Movie 2015 Public Comment: