Watch: Akshay Kumar’s First Look In Rajnikanth’s ‘Robot 2’

The first look of Bollywood’s biggest Khiladi “Akshay Kumar” in the role of a baddie from the sets of Rajnikanth’s ‘Robot 2’ has been leaked online. The leaked pictures online of the actor’s has gone viral on social media. If you haven’t watch the look then find the exclusives pictures of villainous ‘crow look’ of Akshay Kumar from the film here.

Watch: Akshay Kumar’s First Look In Rajnikanth’s ‘Robot 2’

In the pic you will find the actor Akshay Kumar in white hair, scary eyes and winged eyebrows and lashes. The reports suggests that Akshay Kumar was shooting in JLN stadium while the picture was taken.

The actor is all set to make his Tamil debut with Robot 2. In the flick Akshay will be playing the role of the main Villain against Superstar Rajnikanth.

I am sure you will not recognize the actor in the pics. The actor has transformed into an crow and the look is quite surprising for his fans and viewers. Well if we believe the online portals the he plays the role of Dr. Richard, a scientist, who turns into a crow.

After an experiment goes wrong, the character turns into a crow like creature. With black feathery outfit, blood-red eyes and white hair Akshay’s look is sending shiver down the spines.

The rumors surrounding the movie is also that it gonna be made at the budget of Rs 350 cr. Isn’t it amazing?

The writer Jeyamohan has been roped in to write the dialogues for the flick. Jeyamohan is known for Kamal Haasan’s “Papanasam” and Mani Ratnam’s “Kadal”.

After seeing Akshay’s first look now everyone is curious to know how the whole movie turns out. Akshay is already on the roll with this year’s top blockbuster “Airlift” and now he is making all the buzz for his Tamil debut.


The deadly look of the actor is really making noise online. With his gory eyes and menacng looks things are really looking villanious and growling.