Watch Bigg Boss 9 13th Nov 2015 Episode 33 Written Updates

In tonight episode of the most controversial reality show Bigg Boss Season 9 many interesting things happened. With no surprise the two beauties of the house – Mandana & Rochelle are on their own non-cooperation movement against the inmates. Lets find out what special the contestants offered to the viewers through our exclusive sneak peak into the episode of 13th Nov 2015.

Mandana & Rochelle’s Non-cooperation Movement:

The two beauties are not giving their full support to the inmates in household work. Mandana is compaining of backache so restricted herself from moping work. Mandana & Rochelle are seen bitching about other contestants with Aman Verma. It seems like these three are enjoying each other’s company. Mandana also called Digangana Suryavanshi “a personal naukar” to some contestants.

Suyesh is the New Captain of Bigg Boss House:

With Rishabh’s captancy coming to end, Prince, Suyesh and Rochelle are in the pipeline for next captain. Bigg Boss gave them interesting task to choose next captain. The three contestants have to defend themselves from being get paint by the inmates. The contestant getting least paint will be the new captain. As decided by Rimi Sen Suyesh is now the new captain.

Garnier Pollution Gone Fairness On Task:

An interesting task occurred between Team White of Rochelle, Mandana, Punit & Rishabh and Team Black of Prince, Suyash, Digangana & Kishwar. Team white won the task and won Garnier gift hamper.

In this season of Bigg Boss every task takes ugly turn after a little fun and entertainment. Till now none of the task went smoothly. There is a big surprise for the viewers tomorrow in Bigg Boss Season 9 “Double Trouble”. Tomorrow is Elimination epidose and there is a special guest for the inmates.

Gautam Gulati Special Episode:

The last season’s winner “Gautam Gulati” is coming to meet the contestants tomorrow and take one out with him. Lets see what x-factor Gautam brings for the show.

Bigg Boss’s house always remain center stage for controversies and this season is full of them. Lets see what new a new day brings in the life of Bigg Boss Season 9 contestants.