Watch Bigg Boss 9 18th Nov 2015 Episode Update: Mandana Karimi Gets Evicted!

Here is the latest news for the viewers and fans of India’s most controversial reality show Bigg Boss Season 9. Mandana Karimi has left the Bigg Boss house mid week. Shocking! The news is definitely not good for the fans of Mandana as she is one of the most popular and strong contendar of the house. Read full report of Mandana’s eviction exclusively at MovieFreak.


Bigg Boss retweeted the tweet by Colors that confirms Mandana’s eviction from the house as Rimi Sen picks her as the weakest performer in the Shararte Bacche task! Is this the real reason or something else is cooking. Find out through our exclusive report.

As per the preview of next episode to be aired on 18th Nov 2015 it seems like Mandana is getting evicted from the house for not performing the task well as suggested by ‘sanchalak’ Rimi Sen. But if sources are to be believed then Mandana is to be hospitalized citing her bad health.

As we all are aware that Mandana is not well from past few days and also refused to perform in the latest “Luxury Budget Task” of the house. Earlier also she was visited by doctors in the house but her condition looks more worse than earlier.


The Iranian beauty has always catched the limelight and remain hot topic for discussion of the inmates of Bigg Boss house. Now when she has left the house it will be interesting to see how Rochelle Rao manages in the house and will it changes the dynamics inside Bigg Boss house.

After the eviction of Keith Sequeira, Rochelle Rao and Mandana formed a good company. The viewers are eagerly looking forward to re-entry of Keith Sequeira. Now the question arises if Mandana Karimi will leave the house forever or make re-entry soon.

This house always remains a hot topic in the television industry for its controversial inmates and ugly spats between the contestants. Don’t miss tonight’s episode as lot of melodrama and ugly fights are waiting for you in Bigg Boss 9 18th Nov 2015 episode.