Lights Out 2016 Hindi Dubbed Full movie Download 1080p HDRip Mp4 3Gp

Lights Out, American super natural horror movie has already hit the theaters. The movie is directed by David F Sandberg and written by Eric Heisserer. People all over the world have stared searching for download links of Lights Out. In this post, you can check out Lights Out (Hindi) in different format – HD, Mp4 & 3Gp.

Lights Out 2016 Movie Poster

Lights Out Movie

GENRE: Horror, Thriller
QUALITY: HD, Mp4 & 3Gp
LANGUAGE: English, Hindi


The story of the movie revolves around a young woman who struggles to protect her brother from a malevolent spirit connected to their mother’s past. In the movie Rebecca {Teresa Palmer} returns to her family, she begins to see a dark figure but when she opens the light the figure is gone.

After grieving with her family, Rebecca learns that her brother Martin can also see the figure in dark. Rebecca starts collecting clues and reminds that her mother Sophie is also hiding somewhere in dark.

Seeking out help for her & her brother’s affliction Rebecca seeks out others who have encountered a same spectre in the dark. After an accident, Sophie explains to her family that what the dark figure could be.

Her childhood friend Diana had been involved in a tragic death at a very young age. Immediately after Diana’s death strange events started occurs in the town. Now the threat is back to make victims of Sophie’s family as well. Ebecca and Martin are safe in the light.

The scenes in the film are visually disturbing and are full of suspense. The film has generally received positive critics with an approval rating of 95% based on 119 reviews with an average rating of 7.5 out of 10.

You have the option to buy its original DVD or BluRay print to enjoy it on small screens. Please check official source or website to know more about its original DVD prints and from where to buy them.